We can offer you fun activities and excursions in all seasons of the year.


With Jädraås as a starting point, you can cycle on hundreds of kilometers of mountain bike trails. For our resident guests, there is a bicycle wash, secure bicycle storage and the possibility of simpler bicycle service.

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In Jädraås there are many lakes to explore, including five precious fishing lakes that can be reached within a 10-15 minute drive, such as Lake Valkalampi. Here you can catch trout and char. There are also larger lakes with pike and perch as well as fine lakes and rivers for fly fishing in the surrounding area.

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Experience fantastic skiing in beautiful nature with groomed natural snow trails outside the door. In Jädraås the ski trails are a little better, a little more beautiful, a little more fun, a little easier to ski... well, you get the picture - we have really good skiing!

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Hike in one of Sweden's most forested landscapes - Gästrikland! The nature around Jädraås offers everything from easy hiking trails through magnificent pine heath to more challenging hiking in hilly, wild and beautiful nature.

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Go fishing or allow yourself to enjoy a moment out on the calm waters of Jädraån. From Herrgården's jetty you get out on the calm waters of Jädraån. In a delta of forest and marshland, you can paddle in our canoes, kayaks or from a SUP.

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Art and cultural history

Jädraås has a rich artistic and cultural history going back several centuries. This is a site that dates back to the Iron Age, meaning that the area has been inhabited for over a thousand years.

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Jädraås Bike Arena

50 meters north of your lovely room is the Jädraås Bike Arena. With 137 km of MTB trails to explore, there is always something new to discover. From technical terrain and fast downhills to long winding trails through the forests.

The calm waters of the Jädraån

50 meters south of your comfortable bed, you can take a break from everyday stress with a refreshing dip in the calm waters of the Jädraån river. Or experience a mix of adventure and relaxation with a magical day of canoeing.

Gästrik trail

50 meters east of the Manor's entrance is the Gästrikeleden with wonderful hiking in wild and beautiful nature. This fantastic hiking area makes it a perfect destination for hiking enthusiasts of different levels.

Jädraås Manor

Stay close to nature in the mansion on the banks of the Jädraån river. There is plenty of room to socialize and enjoy yourself.

Rent your own mansion

Herrgården has a spacious and well-equipped kitchen for communal and creative cooking. The dining room is equipped with everything you need to arrange table settings for festivities.
With individual access to Herrgården, you and your loved ones will have a unique experience and a memory for life!

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Are you a management team or a working group that needs a change of scenery for creative time together? Then come and conference with us!

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Parties and events

Are you planning a party or other pleasant gathering for your friends or family? Or do you need a place where you can enjoy the great outdoors and activities in a unique environment?

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